Top 10 Locksmith Tools for the Beginner Locksmith Halifax

Top 10 Locksmith tools for the beginner locksmith:The 10 Essential Locksmith Tools Every Locksmith Must Have.

Top 10 Locksmith Tools for the Beginner Locksmith

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  1. Locksmith Tweezers: Special Tweezer with the ends rounded to hold pins.
  2. Follower: HPC 4 pc follower set to remove plug from cylinder.
  3. End Cap Removal Tool: You can use an awl, ice pick or pick but the end cap tool makes the job easy.
  4. Kwikset Cylinder Removal Tool: This inexpensive tool makes removing Kwikset cylinders and rekey locks easy.
  5. Key Gauge: Several manufactures make Key gauges, I like the ProLock 4 in 1 Key Gauge (Kwikset, Weiser, Schlage, Westlock). I just found the new 5 in 1 that has added Master Padlock.
  6. Shims: See the new upcoming video on “How to Shim a Lock with No Key” Subscribe to my Youtube Channel for updates.
  7. Pick Set & Tension Wrenches: Hook, Rake and Diamond Pick. The best lock pickers mostly use the Hook pick. You decide which is best for you.
    * Note: I use a hook with a diamond (Peterson Hooked Diamond or Deforest pick Pick).
  8. Pin Kit: Just get a Lab Universal Pin Kit (.005 or .003)
  9. Pinning / Work Mat: Lab Workbench Pinning Mat is the best I have used.

Coming soon: Key Machines, more “How To” and More List on Locksmith Tools.

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Top 10 Locksmith Tools for the Beginner Locksmith Halifax
Top 10 Locksmith Tools for the Beginner Locksmith




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