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Looking to buy keyless locks in Halifax? Mr. Locksmith Nova Scotia has your back!

Many keyless lock models that you can buy offer a way to unlock your door with or without keys. This way you will never need to worry about forgetting your keys ever again. You will always be able to access your home. This makes it much more convenient for you. These locks will secure your door using a password and still allow for key access when necessary. If your looking to buy a keyless lock in Halifax, Give Mr Locksmith a call today!

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Our Favorite Electric Deadbolts At The Moment Are:

Schlage BE-365:

It’s electrical & mechanical with 19 user codes. It’s very simple with no bluetooth, wifi or audit trail. Simple, easy to use and reliable.

Schlage Sense:

Is one I have used on my own home. It’s a great lock with built-in Bluetooth. Comes with a free app you can add to your phone. Works with Alexa, google and apple all through Bluetooth. It’s upgradable with a Wi-Fi adapter you can add close to the unit. With this you can see what’s going on as long as you have an internet connection.

Schlage Encode:

Is one of their newest products with built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It is fantastic! It can do up to 100 users which is so many that we have never needed to use them all. Also has automatic locking if you want that option. Never forget to unlock your home again.


There are some other units you can buy like Z-wave. A lot of alarm companies are selling these. It’s really good and reliable. It’s an older technology but works well.

You will need to decide what is best for you. If you want something simple go with the Schlage BE-365. Most of the time people are looking for the middle of the road and don’t need Wi-Fi. We suggest the Schlage Sense. If you want all the bells and whistles, built in Wi-Fi get the Schlage Encode.

These are our top 3 favorites. They are all good. We can help you get set up and install all of them in your home. We really recommend these because they’re great locks.

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Looking to Buy a Keyless Lock in Halifax?

If you’re tired of having to carrying around a giant ring of keys or sick of losing, forgetting and having to make extra keys time and time again maybe a keyless lock solution is for you. Having a keyless lock or deadbolt installed is super easy, and convenient. Often it can be installed quickly with little to no adjustments to your door. Keyless deadbolts allow you to add, change, or delete user codes in a matter of seconds. If someone learned your code and you no longer want them to have access to your home simply change the password. If you’re ready for a keyless electronic security system give Mr Locksmith a call.

Why Buy a Keyless Lock

  • Provides the convenience of keyless access; customizable to fit your security needs
  • Ideal for front doors, side & back doors, garage entry doors, etc.
  • Easily replace most existing deadbolts in about 30 minutes
  • Easily instruction guide on how to reprogram access codes.
  • ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 Certified
  • Keyless Locks Halifax
  • Fits standard door prep
  • Easy installation, no need to run wires
  • Battery operated with over 3 year battery life

Mr. Locksmith has keyless lock systems for every budget.

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Schlage BE365 Features

  • Comes pre-set with 2 unique 4-digit access codes
  • Set up to 19 of your own custom access codes
  • Use for residential single and multi-family doors
  • Uses 1 9V battery.
  • When battery is low the lock will beep to let you know when to change it.
  • 5-pin tumbler Schlage C keyway over-ride
  • Simple, Basic, Durable lock

Schlage BE365 Review

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Sense Smart by Schlage Deadbolt Features

  • You can set it to automatically lock
  • Never worry again. Did I lock the door?
  • Connects to your phone via Bluetooth
  • Create temporary users
  • Comes in different colors
  • 4 AA Batteries included

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt Review

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Mr. Locksmith Schlage Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock in Seconds
Mr. Locksmith Schlage Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock in Seconds

ENCODE Smart by Schlage Deadbolt Features

  • Total integration into your home automation system
  • Access your home from anywhere
  • Bluetooth & Wifi built in
  • Uses encryption to avoid getting hacked
  • Can use up to 100 codes
  • Codes that only work at certain times or days for cleaners etc
  • Good for Airbnb’s to manage codes and end users after they leave

Schlage ENCODE Smart Deadbolt Review

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Commercial grade high-security keyless locks

For our business clients we offer commercial grade high-security keyless locks, capable of programing many different codes for all your employees, managers and staff. Program access based on the needs of the individual at the time. This is all built around your master code that will always give you access to your business.

  • Each person working at your company can have an access code that is activated during specific times of the day.
  • Your employee’s code will be disabled after hours and during days off.
  • Every time the code is used its activity is cataloged for your analysis.
  • Quickly and easily program and temporary grant access to your business.
  • A master code helps you to never get locked out or overridden.

We carry residential keyless locks & deadbolts.

  • Easy reprogram if you need to change your password
  • Keyless entry systems are just as secure as regular deadbolts, but with the added convenience of not having to carry keys
  • Your home is more secure by removing the threat of lost keys.

Warning! Not all keyless entry systems are secure.

Some brands of keyless lock systems have sacrificed security for convenience. As a result, we don’t recommend some brands because they’re especially vulnerable to forced entry and targeted attacks. Mr. Locksmith technicians are experts in their field. We know our keyless locks inside and out. We’re informed and experienced on all types of keyless door hardware. Consult our locksmiths before you decide which system is right for you.

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