Smartkey SC1 Rekey

SmartKey SC1 Rekey: The first few versions of the SmartKey Locks had major security flaws, the first versions could be forced open with a screwdriver, which one of the early problems where there are lots of problems with the Kwikset Smartkey Locks. At first glance, there seems to be no difference between the regular Kwikset Smartkey and the new SC1. Rekeying the SmartKey SC1 is very similar to rekeying the SmartKey Kw1.

Note: An updated Smartkey SC1 reset tool is required.

Smartkey SC1 Rekey

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Smartkey SC1 Rekeying

How to Rekey the Kwikset SmartKey SC1 Lock.

  1. Turn the working key 180 degrees,
  2. Insert the reset tool in the slot next to the keyway until you hear the “click”
  3. Remove the key,
  4. Insert new key and unlock and lock.

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This is the KwikSet SC 1 or the Smart Key SC1. So the lock works. We are going to reset it. Put it to there. Let’s see if we can hear the audible click. Sometimes, don’t hear anything, pull the key out. Don’t twist it when you pull it out. Here’s the new key. Put it in there. Works perfect. Let’s try the old key to make sure it doesn’t work. No, doesn’t work. So let’s reset it back to the old key. Put the key in. Use the little reset. Yeah, don’t hear a click, sometimes you hear a click. Pull it out. Put in the new key. There we go. New key fits. Old key, fits but doesn’t turn.

Kwikset Smartkey SC1 Overview

Conflicting reports on the Specifications on the SmartKey SC1. A a recent locksmith conference Kwikset Representatives stated the the SC1 Lock would be a 5 Cut SC1 key with only depths 1-6.

Now it only goes one to six in the Schlage depth. It only goes one to six. Schlage depths is 0 to 9. So in theory, it reduces, or not in theory it definitely reduces the amount of changes it can do. How many changes you’re gonna have. But we’ll see what other potential flaws it has. So I’m gonna change it real quick. It’s similar to the way it’s- the quick set KW1 keyway. So basically you put the key in, have the slot up. You can hear an audible click. This is the change, the tool to give. Just barely hear the click. You gotta pull the key straight out. Don’t twist it. Don’t turn it. Now I gotta take the key on this one and just try it here. You put the key in. So there we go. Very, very easy to re-key and see the old key doesn’t fit. So, the key doesn’t fit down here. It doesn’t turn, so nothing wrong with the key. So again, I’ll set it back to the factory original. I just put it, the slot up. You can sometimes hear the little click. I didn’t hear anything that time. Pull the key out. Here’s the original key that came out of the box. And there we go. Extremely simple, quick to change. Now let’s try something a little bit different here. This is the first time trying it.

Smartkey SC1 Lock Change to Regular Depths

I cut by code a Schlage key “69768”, which is not within the tolerances. This thing can only go from one to six. I got 69768. Let’s say the customer’s got a key. I want it to fit this lock. Let’s put it in. See if we can hear the click. So slot to the top. Again, don’t hear anything. But the key comes out. Here is an SC1 key. And look at this. Now this is gonna be important. Let’s see if it does first time doing it. Never even tried this yet. I just got these. So I’ve gone outside of the one to six that they recommend. I got a 69768. That’s the depth. Now in theory, a 666 or a 999 will fit this theoretically. So let’s throw in the 666 key. Let’s see if it works. Oh, it doesn’t. Oh, wow, okay, that’s interesting. I thought it made default the six spacing. let’s throw in the nine. This is a bump key 999. And it doesn’t work, but I still gotta play with this. I think there’s a sweet spot that I don’t know yet. And I gotta play with it. So it will re-key outside of what it’s allowed to go. But I think that’s probably created another little problem. So I thought maybe a 999 bump key or a 666 may fit it. But I’m gonna experiment with a whole pile of different keys. I think there’s a flaw in there. It did key outside, which is surprising. Let’s see if now can I key it back to factory. So there’s that. I just reset it. And will it reset to factory? And it does, let’s check the old key. We’ll see what happens. We’re gonna experiment a little bit more. First time pulling ’em outta the box. I got two and only two. This one outta the box, doesn’t work. This one works and we re-keyed it, no problem at all. And we even keyed it to, in theory, what it shouldn’t re-key to, and it did. And let’s see if this has created some other problems internally. So I hope you enjoyed the first unboxing of the lock. Gonna be playing with this quite a bit.

Smartkey SC1 Quick Review
Smartkey SC1 Quick Review

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Smartkey SC1 Rekey
Smartkey SC1 Rekey


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