Locksmith Tools for the Apprentice Locksmith

Locksmith Tools for the Beginner Locksmith: This video is of my EDC (everyday carry) for every job. I have another tool bag with an installation kit, but this is my basic rekey, basic lockout kit. It has almost everything I need. Also, this is the tools I recommend for all  new and experienced Locksmiths.

Locksmith Tools for the Beginner Locksmith

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My EDC (everyday carry) to every job. I have another tool bag with an installation kit, but this is my basic rekey, basic lockout kit. It has almost everything I need. I love the Veto Pacs, the Veto Pro Pacs. This has been, you know, in constant use for a couple years now. Still looks pretty good. I’ve been wearing out the other stuff. I do like my other tool cases, especially the PACKOUTs, but this is what I use every single day. And I’ll just show you what I have in. So, if you’re a, this is some of the must have tools. Now this is what I like. Everybody’s got slightly different stuff, but this is what I have on me every day.

So, of course I have my Milwaukee M18. I have my little screwdriver drill. I love that. I got my Meta, Meta Pro. This is like the general kit for everything. And this is the hex kit, and this is the security bit set. So, I find those three, but I’ve just started using the Klein. And I’m finding this will probably replace that for now. And there’s a chance this goes into the secondary kit. I can put some special bits in this, it’s 14-in-1. What I really like about this is it just pulls out, and I can go put it right into my cordless screwdriver. So, that’s kind of probably gonna replace that. I’m still testing.

Locksmith Tools Halifax
Locksmith Tools for the Apprentice Locksmith

Tri-Flow Lock Lubricate

I always have Tri-Flow. That’s my lubricant of choice. Of course my pick set. I have another video on that. I throw in a LAB pin kit, and what I use for my LAB, I have my followers, different followers, my tweezers. A little rotary rasp for grinding out door strikes when they’re sticking a little bit too much. So, this is basically my pin kit, LAB pin kit in this. Extra drills. Oh, I gotta put these in there. I bought a bunch of, what I get? 3/16. For drilling locks I got some quarter inch.

Wera Tools Locksmith Tools

I like my Wera tools. So, I always find the flathead, I can bang on it on the back there. Little tiny flat heads, just like the Weras. That’s kinda like my go-to-screwdriver now. And of course, my Knipex. The little one and the big one. Boy, these are lifesavers. I got a bigger one in my other kit. Again, this is just my carry-on. Always have a pry bar, just a little cheapie piece. You never know. Now this one, ’cause I may replace that kit, they’re inexpensive and I have a bigger kit with almost everything in it. But this just a security bit set. So, that’s why I’m thinking of getting rid of two, keeping the Klein, and having the security bit set in there, just to make it that little bit lighter. I always like my Mac, my awl Sometimes you get those sticky locks that refuse to cut loose. Get a couple little little picks, help remove broken keys. I gotta get a better one of these.

Locksmith Tools Halifax
Locksmith Tools for the Apprentice Locksmith

I got a needle nose. These have just been with me for a long, long, long time. They’re not even, what are they? Geez, these are from Sears. I’ve just had ’em forever. I’m gonna replace it pretty soon now. I got another little prying piece. My little, mostly if I’m impressioning, I got another kit for impressioning, but sometimes I just gotta grab on something like that. My hex key set, just quick, easy, fast to grab. And, you know what? Again, I know this is for mostly opening cars, sometimes you gotta get that little bit of extra leverage. It’s plastic, it levers a bit, nice little tool. Chisel. Just in case I gotta mortar something out. And these are some more of my, my entry tools. If I gotta slip a lock. This is just a painter’s roller cleaner. You know, I can get these in the door. I do a lot of lockouts, wellness checks. So, I got a little bit of everything to sort of open stuff.

Knipex Pliers Locksmith Tools

Of course, my Knipex. Besides cutting metal, this is mostly for tail pieces of deadbolts. Sometimes the tail piece is too long, I just gotta clip it off that little bit. That just slices through it like butter. I’ve had a whole whole pile different stuff, and that is the best. Another pry bar. Time to build some new ones. I’ve got my Lloyds for slipping locks. Now this is pretty handy. Mostly on some of the older locks, some of the SARGENTs, some of the old Weisers, my circlip remover, it’s adjustable and I got a new one coming. I don’t use this that much, but you still run across it. It depends what buildings you have. There’s a lot of commercial buildings and hardware where this would come in really handy. I got a new one coming. Video coming soon. And finally I’ve had this for like a zillion years. It’s my little hammer. Just enough to gimme a little tap. And I have a bigger hammer in my installation kit, but I’ve had this for like a zillion years. Cut it down, fits in really nice. You can always add more, but this is my recommendation for new locksmiths, and also locksmiths who’ve been doing this for a while. This is my kit. Everybody’s kit is slightly different. Depends on what you’re doing and what building you’re in. I do, this is my rekey and part of my entry kit.

Locksmith Tools Halifax
Knipex Pliers Replace Adjustable Wrenches Mr Locksmith

Lock Picks

So, basically I have, of course I have my picks. There’s videos on that. I have my LAB mini kit. I have the bigger kit in the truck, but this is what I have in my carry-on. You know, you gotta, rekey a lock when you’re there, just have it. You should have a mini kit. Circlips, Snap-on. Don’t run across ’em as much anymore, but still do, it’s a lifesaver. Got my little vice grips. Got my Knipex. I use it for cutting the back of tail pieces on deadbolts, but also it’s great for cutting down screws. So, this is just perfect. I have my two Knipex. These are fantastic, unbelievable. This is time for an upgrade. I’ve had this a long, long time. I’ve gotta get something with a little bit more grip for when you have, when the deadbolt latches fail. Got pry bars. Sometimes you need that little bit of extra. Got one inch chisel. This is my hammer. I have an installation kit, but again, this is just what I have on me. I always find my little, my little dental picks, my little hooks to get broken keys out, bits and pieces. Again, another type of pry bar, plastic. It’s made mostly to open cars. It’s part of my rekey kit.

Locksmith Tools Halifax
Knipex Pliers Replace Adjustable Wrenches

Bypass Locksmith Tools

Again, this is my, if I have to slip the door, slip the lock, this is some basic tools, very easy. This is probably the most handy. It’s just a painter’s roller cleaner. A security bit set. This is some popular screwdrivers I like. This is probably one of my favorite, it’s a Wera. I can hammer away at the back of here if I gotta get something, bang something out of the way, open up the deadbolt. Once you’ve removed the housing this slips the lock back. My little awl. Just for sometimes you get that stubborn lever lock that won’t come out. I’ve got the, for my Adams Rite I have two here, only these two right here for the screws, removing the mortice cylinders. Now these three tools I’ve had for forever. And I’m just experimenting between the Klein kit, and the security bit set. I’ll probably remove these two, and I’ll just get down to this one here for the hex set. I got Tri-Flow, it’s my lubricant of choice. I love it.

Locksmith Tools Halifax
Knipex Locksmith Tools for the Beginner Locksmith

Milwaukee Drills Locksmith Tools

I got my Milwaukee M18 and I got my Milwaukee screwdriver, my M12 screwdriver. Little rotary rasp for going on here, helps sometimes opening up the deadbolt, the strike. Hex key set. I got the other one somewhere, I don’t know where it is. I got the metric and imperial. And of course I got my drills, assorted drills. And that’s my basic kit that all fits inside my Veto Pro Pac. And again, you can always carry more, and I could carry less, but this is what I use every day.

Veto Pro Pac

And then I add on, if I have a lockout I got another little Veto Pro Pac I add on when I’m doing a lockout. But again, this can do most of everything I need done, except for I have a separate kit for installation, installation of deadbolts and locks. So again, this is what I recommend. Every beginner locksmith, get your basic tools. You should own your tools. I’ve said this before, when you’re first starting out in this business, buy your tools, buy good quality stuff. These are not cheap, but they’re gonna last you forever. Get good quality tools, get good stuff, and you’ll be happy, happy with what you got. And again, it doesn’t matter if you go Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee.

Milwaukee PACKOUTs

I’m really heavy into the Milwaukee stuff, into their PACKOUTs and all their other tools, as well as my grinders. It’s just easier standardizing to one type. Now the one thing I don’t have on here which I take with me for every night call is my flashlight. Flashlights, yes. That’s something I should have in this picture. And I like the headlamps and I like the Fenix just ’cause they throw a good light. Hope you enjoyed the video. Please subscribe and tell me what I should add that’s not gonna make it too heavy.

Have a good day. I hope you enjoyed watching this video. Subscribe to my channel. Also visit my website and you can see what online locksmith training I have for beginners, intermediate and advanced As well as my covert methods of entry, and my non-destructive methods of entry.

Locksmith Tools for the Apprentice Locksmith

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Locksmith Tools for the Apprentice Locksmith
Locksmith Tools for the Beginner Locksmith

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